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GitHub Issues

We keep track of problems, suggestions and questions about ev3dev using GitHub Issues. This lets us keep everything in one place. (So, please don’t email the developers directly unless you have a personal question.)

First, before submitting an issue, search the existing issues (open and closed) to make sure someone else has not already reported the same problem or asked the same question. Please only comment on an existing open issue if you are fairly sure your problem/question is exactly the same. If the issue is closed or you are not sure your problem is the same, open a new issue instead.

Note: The ev3dev-lang-python repository has its own issues tracker for Python-related questions.

If you don’t find anything helpful by searching, then create a new issue (only one problem, question or suggestion per issue please).

Tips for Posting Issues

Most importantly for problems, we need to know the exact steps need to reproduce the issue. If you are writing a program, post the code. If you are following a tutorial, which step failed? Be as detailed as possible.

In the description of your issue, make sure to fill in the information from the template. In addition, include as much relevant information as possible:

  • Be sure to mention any related issues by number, so we can refer to past discussion. GitHub will properly format a reference of the format #100.
  • If you are using a library (ev3dev-lang, python-ev3, ev3dev-c, etc.) please state which library. Most, if not all, of these have their own issues tracker. You may have better luck posting there instead.
  • If the issue is with detection of a sensor or motor: unplug and plug in the device and include the output of dmsg | tail.
  • If the issue is with an USB device like a WiFi dongle: include the output of lsusb.
  • If the issue is with the Brick Manager (brickman): include the output of systemctl status brickman.service -l.
  • If a screenshot of the EV3 would be helpful, run fbgrab <some-name>.png on the EV3 and include the picture in your comments.

We also expect you to clean up after yourself. Please close the issue when you feel that it is resolved.

Some additional things to take into consideration:

  • If you are posting logs that are more than 5-10 lines long, please use http://pastebin.com, https://gist.github.com or something similar instead of posting long logs in comments.

  • If you are copying and pasting information from a terminal, use “code fences” to make the text more readable.

    A code fence is three backtick (`) characters before and after the text.
    Just like you see here.

Learn more about writing on GitHub.


gitter.im is an online chat service that works in conjunction with GitHub. We monitor our Gitter room and are happy to provide support in live chat.

This is the recommended means of live chat support for ev3dev.

If you have a GitHub, GitLab or Twitter account, come say hello at https://gitter.im/ev3dev/chat.