First you nedd to build the EV3D4, or other, but the project is based on that model that is on the EV3’s webpage


Then of build your robot, you need to install the program:

  1. First connect via ssh to your robot, here is a tutorial
  2. Then, clone the repository: git clone
  3. Go into the directory you recently downloaded:cd EV3D4-ssh_control
  4. Run the script, pyhton3,and wait for it says “LOG”

Here you have the function of all the keys(this list is thinked for view from back or from a camera, like a mobile phone):

w Go forward
s Go back
a Turn left
d Turn right
g Move head to left
h Move head to right
Space bar Stop all motors
m Play StarWars imperial march
q Quit the program
  1. For run the next time repeat the steps 1,3, and 4
  • My name is: Pedro Rey Anca
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