51 years after the LOGO language was designed, a physical LOGO turtle finally arrives: LoEV3go!

Build your turtle (building instructions will hopefully come one day), run LoEV3go, open a web browser, write your LOGO code and watch the turtle draw on the ground.

picture of robot drawing lines on a piece of paper


  • Only 31313 EV3 Mindstorms Basic Set is needed (and an SD card for EV3).
  • Two felt-tip pens supported, to choose from two colors as you go.
  • IR controlled, if you want to “draw by hand”.
  • On-board web server to interpret, preview and execute your LOGO code.
  • Dry-run mode on by default, to help you preserve your carpets.


  • Global positioning.

LoEV3go web frontend screenshot

Project Info