Stamped with text: Release Candidate

We have a new stable release candidate ready for testing.

Update 2020-03-23: new snapshot has been uploaded that supersedes 2020-03-07 SD card image.

Download snapshot-ev3dev-stretch-ev3-generic-2020-03-23.img.xz from here.

Changes since ev3dev-stretch R2:

  • Updated to Debian 9.12
  • Improved Bluetooth availability (again) #1314
  • Programs started with brickrun run with higher priority
  • A few small Linux kernel driver fixes
  • Fix bitmap fonts on Raspberry Pi
  • Updated ev3dev-lang Python and Java libraries (changed in 2020-03-23 image)

If all goes well, this will become the new main download in a few weeks.

Post Info

  • Posted on 11 March 2020