Dexter Industries made some major breaking changes to their BrickPi3 firmware, so this release is all about the BrickPi3 (again). Major shout-out to @sanjayseshan for spending a significant portion of his spring break helping to get the drivers updated for the BrickPi3 firmware v1.4.x. We also now support stacking up to 4 BrickPi3s on a single Raspberry Pi.

There are also some kernel modules enabled for using GSM modems with the EV3. And finally, a corner case involving stopping motors before a position setpoint is reached was fixed.

Version Info

In this round of releases, we have:

  • v4.4.61-20-ev3dev-ev3 for EV3.
  • for BeagleBone.
  • v4.4.61-20-ev3dev-rpi for Raspberry Pi 0/1.
  • v4.4.61-20-ev3dev-rpi2 for Raspberry Pi 2/3.

You can also find this kernel in snapshot build 2017-04-14.


For a more complete changelog, follow the link for your platform: EV3, BB, RPi or RPi2.

Post Info

  • Posted on 15 April 2017