This is a stable maintenance release. But, we did manage to sneak a few new features in because they were too good to pass up.

What’s New?

BrickPi3 support

Dexter Industries recently released a new version of their BrickPi product called the BrickPi3. The BrickPi3 features improved support for EV3 sensors and improved support for controlling motors, plus a power switch and a Grove sensor adapter.


We have added a few new packages:

  • python-ptvsd and python3-ptvsd - Python Tools for Visual Studio - lets you do remote debugging with Visual Studio Code (unfortunately, the python3 version does not seem to work on the EV3)
  • python-gattlib and python3-gattlib - python wrapper for gattlib - for those that like to play with Bluetooth Low Energy devices (requires separate BLE capable adapter)

Plus, we have included the updates from Debian 8.7.

More details are in the release notes.

What is fixed (or broken)?

  • We have fixed a long standing problem with USB networking not working on macOS. We had a workaround for this that involved editing ev3dev.txt in the boot partition. This file is no longer present because this workaround is no longer needed.
  • We have fixed an even longer standing bug with the EV3 buttons. The pressed and released states were inverted. This may break your existing button code. ev3dev-lang-python has been updated already, so if you are using that library, you have nothing to worry about.


You can find SD card images on our download page.

Post Info

  • Posted on 11 February 2017