This release has a fix for PS4 controllers using too much CPU and enables support for Xbox controllers on EV3.

It also includes alternate drivers for BeagleBone for the lms2012-compat project.

In this round of releases, we have:

  • v4.4.17-14-ev3dev-ev3 for EV3.
  • for BeagleBone.
  • v4.4.17-14-ev3dev-rpi for Raspberry Pi 0/1.
  • v4.4.17-14-ev3dev-rpi2 for Raspberry Pi 2/3.

You can also find this kernel in our latest nightly build.


For a more complete changelog, follow the link for your platform: EV3, BB, RPi or RPi2.

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  • Posted on 15 August 2016