In this round of releases, we have:

  • v4.4.9-11-ev3dev-ev3 for EV3.
  • for BeagleBone.
  • v4.4.9-11-ev3dev-rpi for Raspberry Pi 0/1.
  • v4.4.9-11-ev3dev-rpi2 for Raspberry Pi 2/3.

This release has come a bit sooner than expected because of a few serious bugs in the release cycle 10 series.

Major Kernel Version Update

The big news is that all kernels are updated to v4.4.9. Both Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone upstream have switched to the 4.4 series as their stable kernel. Both were using a 4.1 kernel previously. So, since they got updated, we figured it was a good time to get the EV3 kernel updated as well. It was on a 3.16 kernel previously, so it is a much bigger upgrade. We’ve done our best to make sure we didn’t break anything, but be sure to let us know if anything that was working in a previous version is no longer working.


  • tacho-motor run-direct command not working
  • Kernel deadlock when booting with EV3/UART sensors plugged in
  • EV3/UART sensor not working on input port 4 on BeagleBone/EVB

New Driver

We also sneaked in a new driver. Thanks to @kortschak for getting the pressure sensor working!


For a more complete changelog, follow the link for your platform: EV3, BB, RPi or RPi2.

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  • Posted on 08 May 2016