I’m changing my kernel announcement format a bit. It is too much to make a separate announcement for three (and soon to be four) kernels. The “8” in “Kernel Release Cycle 8” refers to the version of the ev3dev drivers that is shared between all of the kernels. So, in this round of releases, we have:

  • v3.16.7-ckt19-8-ev3dev-ev3 for the EV3.
  • v4.1.12-8-ev3dev-rpi for the Raspberry Pi (1).
  • v4.1.12-8-ev3dev-rpi2 for the Raspberry Pi 2.

Breaking Changes

We made a few breaking changes for consistency now that we are starting to support more platforms other than the EV3.

  • The LEDs on the EV3 are now named ev3:left:red:ev3dev instead of ev3-left0:red:ev3dev.
  • The WeDo ports are numbered 1 and 2 instead of 0 and 1.

Also, be aware that brickman has not been updated yet for these changes, so some things may not work as expected until the next brickman release.

New Features

Lots of new hardware support this go around.


For a more complete changelog, follow the link for your platform: EV3, RPi or RPi2.

This EV3 kernel also includes the latest upstream patches. See ckt17-changelog, ckt18-changelog and ckt19-changelog. The Raspberry Pi kernels are updated to kernel v4.1.12.

Post Info

  • Posted on 09 November 2015