Kernel version 3.16.7-ckt16-7-ev3dev-ev3 has been released. No breaking changes for once! Just a few bug fixes and one new feature: we added a run-direct command to the dc-motor class that works just like the one already existing for the tacho-motor class.

We also turned on a couple of Wi-Fi related modules to support some additional Wi-Fi dongles.

If you use the rtl8188eu wireless driver, we have switched back to the out of kernel module because the mainline kernel driver didn’t work as well. The out of tree module was also updated to the latest upstream version, so hopefully that means it’s even better than before the change.

The full ev3dev changelog can be found here. Check it out to see what else changed.

This kernel also includes the latest upstream patches. See ckt15-changelog and ckt16-changelog.

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  • Posted on 06 September 2015