Kernel version 3.16.7-ckt14-6-ev3dev-ev3 has been released. The most noticeable change is that the previous kernel release used way more CPU than it should have. We were experimenting with the CONFIG_HZ setting and it has been changed back to the default value.

Also, if you use the rtl8188eu wireless driver, we have switched from an out of kernel package to the driver in the mainline kernel, so let us know if you run into any problems.

We have removed the 50ms polling limit from I2C sensors. You can now poll faster than this, but beware… if you poll too fast, the auto-detection algorithm might think you unplugged the sensor. You can work around this by setting the port to i2c mode instead of the default auto.

The full ev3dev changelog can be found here. Check it out to see what else changed.

This kernel also includes the latest upstream patches. See ckt12-changelog, ckt13-changelog and ckt14-changelog.

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  • Posted on 08 July 2015