Today is a historic day for ev3dev - ev3dev is just not for the EV3 anymore!

You can now install ev3dev on your Raspberry Pi and use it with your Dexter Industries BrickPi. That’s right, you can use the exact same libraries and programs developed for the EV3 (with some slight modifications to the port names) on the Raspberry Pi with the BrickPi.

This image is just for Raspberry Pi 1 models - it won’t work on Raspberry Pi 2. However, we should have an image for Raspberry Pi 2 soon.

To save you some potential disappointment, you need to understand that the BrickPi does not provided all of the current capabilities of the EV3. For example, the motors do not support brake or hold stop actions, which can make certain applications rather tricky. There also seems to be some issue with EV3/UART sensors not updating for short periods of time. These things could be fixed by making some changes to the BrickPi firmware, but there are no immediate plans to change the BrickPi firmware.

Here is the download and the release notes.

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  • Posted on 13 May 2015