Kernel version 3.16.7-ckt9-ev3dev1 has been released. This release contains a major overhaul of the tacho-motor class. There are lots of breaking changes, but it should now be easier to use. It also includes support for the NxtMMX motor multiplexer. The coolest part about the NxtMMX is that it uses the same tacho-motor class, so the same code will work no matter what the motor is plugged in to. Well, there are a couple exceptions, but they are mostly the same.

Check out the new tacho-motor tutorial to get a feel for how to use the “new” tacho-motor class. For more information, see the driver documentation page and issue #282. If you find any problems with tacho-motor class, please open a new issue rather than posting on an existing issue.

Also, because of the breaking changes, brickman will no longer be able to stop the motors when terminating a program. This will be fixed soon.

The full ev3dev changelog can be found here. Check it out to see what else changed.

This kernel also includes the latest upstream patches. See ckt7-changelog, ckt8-changelog and ckt9-changelog.

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  • Posted on 15 April 2015