Updated packages:

brickman (0.5.0)

This release includes some major redesign of the user interface. If you have any ideas for further design improvements, please join in the discussion.

For starters, there is now a splash screen. I took about 5 minutes to make it, so if you think you can do better please send us a pull request.

The Bluetooth and USB menus are now under the “Wireless and Networks” menu (previously called “Networking”). Bluetooth devices with networking support now have a button that links to the network connection. There is also a new, separate menu for Wi-Fi.

Also under the “Wireless and Networks” menu, there is now a “Tethering” menu that allow you to enable tethering via USB or Bluetooth. It is easier to setup a network connection this way since there is no configuration required on your host computer, however the EV3 cannot access the Internet via tethering.

There are now Bluetooth and Wi-Fi indicators in the status bar too.

There are also some bug fixes, mostly related to network connections. You can find the full changelog here.

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  • Posted on 24 February 2015