Kernel version 3.16.7-ckt6-ev3dev1 has been released. It is primarily a bug fix release with no breaking changes (names that changed were already broken). This release includes the most recent upstream patches. We didn’t do an ev3dev kernel release for upstream ckt5, so these changes are included in this kernel as well. The upstream ckt6 changelog is here. Nothing really jumps out at me as affecting ev3dev users.

The ev3dev changelog can be found here. Check it out to see what we have fixed.

Additionally, we are now releasing a DKMS package that includes the ev3dev driver stack that you can run on any Linux, like your desktop, laptop or Raspberry Pi. So, if you want to use the WeDo USB hub or UART sensors with something besides the EV3, you can!

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  • Posted on 22 February 2015