Updated packages:

brickman (0.4.0)

Add a File Browser… and you can use it to run programs!

The File Browser is limited to browsing the /home folder (this is for your own protection since brickman runs as root). Directories are indicated by a trailing / and executable files are indicated by a trailing *. Selecting a directory will open it. Selecting an executable will run it not as root, but as the owner of the file. If a file is owned by a system user (uid < 1000) then it will not be executed. Pressing and holding the back button for more than 1 second will terminate a user program.

grx (2.4.9-0ev3dev3)

This is the graphics library used by brickman (libgrx2-20). This update fixes a bug that caused pixels to be inverted after switching virtual consoles. (I know I said that last time, but I really fixed it this time - I promise.)

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  • Posted on 25 January 2015