I’ve pushed out two updated packages and one new package today.

connman (1.27-0ev3dev3)

The package now installs a default /etc/connman/main.conf file.

There are also a couple bug fixes related to bluetooth thethering.

  • Running connmanctl tether bluetooth [on|off] no longer returns an false error message.
  • Bluetooth tethering stays enabled across reboots if PersistentTetheringMode option is set.

ev3dev-connman-config (1)

This is a new package, so you will need to manually install it.

sudo apt-get install ev3dev-connman-config

It replaces /etc/connman/main.conf with a copy that contains modified options for ev3dev. It adds the gadget technology to the list of technologies that automatically connect (Note: this will not affect existing gadget services, it will only affect new installs, so don’t expect to see anything different here). It also sets PersistentTetheringMode to true so that tethering will persist across reboots.

grx (2.4.9-0ev3dev2)

This is the graphics library used by brickman (libgrx2-20). This update fixes a bug that caused pixels to be inverted after switching virtual consoles.

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  • Posted on 16 January 2015