Select the download below that corresponds to your hardware.
Then head to the Getting Started page for installation instructions.


It's the Intelligent Brick that put the "EV3" in "ev3dev" and the primary focus of development.

A LEGO-approved version of ev3dev-stretch is available for download on the LEGO Education website .

Dexter Industries BrickPi and PiStorms

The same image works for both BrickPi and PiStorms. All Raspberry Pi models are supported. Pick the image based on which model you have.

BrickPi and PiStorms

FatcatLab EVB and Quest Institute QuestCape*

These capes work with BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone Green. They do not work with BeagleBone Green Wireless due to I/O pin conflicts.

* QuestCape is currently not publicly available.

Other Images

Snapshot Releases

We occasionally build images for testing purposes. These images are published without any prior testing and there are no release notes. However, you might be interested in these images if you want to try out the latest new features and bug fixes.

Previous Releases

We don't recommend these for new users, but if you have a need for older images (such as you are doing a long-term project based on an older image), you can find them on our GitHub releases page.

How to pick the correct image file...

There are multiple image files for each release. Look for the file name that matches the device you are using.

For… Pick…
Raspberry Pi Model 0/1 *-rpi-*.img
Raspberry Pi Model 2/3 *-rpi2-*.img
BeagleBone *-bone-*.img

Source Code

Nearly all of the software that makes up the ev3dev OS is open source. Since ev3dev is based on Debian Linux many software packages come from the official Debian repositories. Source code for these packages can be found at

The software that was developed by is hosted on the ev3dev GitHub site. Direct links to some of the more interesting repositories are listed below.