ev3dev is a HUGE project and we are always happy to receive help. Here are some of the many ways you can contribute to the project.

Have a look at the “HELP WANTED” issues

We label some issues as HELP WANTED. The means that we could use your feedback, the task is very time consuming or we don’t have the hardware needed. Click on the link to see the list of issues and contribute if you can.

Write some documentation

All of our documentation (including this entire website) is maintained through GitHub via pull requests (so you will need a GitHub account if you don’t already have one). All of the docs pages have a link that says “Edit on Github”. Just follow the link and make your changes - and be sure to preview before saving changes. Github will automatically create a pull request. We will review your changes before incorporating them into the site.

Even if a page doesn’t have the edit link, you can actually still make changes. Just find it here.

You can also contribute to our more informal wiki if you are not comfortable with contributing to the main website.

Write some software

As the hardware drivers are being finalized, development will be shifting to software that can interface with the hardware. There are many packages on GitHub that you can hack on. Additionally, there are some language bindings listed on the Programming Languages page that would love some community support.

If you have never used GitHub before, it’s super easy. Read about it, then send a pull request.

Write a driver

Have some sensor that isn’t supported yet? With a little technical know-how and the right attitude, there is nothing stopping you. Open an issue on GitHub and we can help you get started. For an example of just how easy it can be to add a sensor, check out this commit.

Some things you will need:

Don’t have the time or interest in writing a driver? You can donate the hardware and we will make it work for you. See this blog post from @dlech for more info.

Financial contributions

You can make financial contributions to ev3dev.org through our page at bountysource.com. These contributions will be used to purchase additional hardware, like sensors and motors.